Criosho represents homemade, South American flavors.
Charred, savory flavors created over an open flame.
Simplicity, quality, honesty.
A modern take on traditional techniques.

I grew up in Salta, Argentina, but have made my second home in Northern Virginia, working in the restaurant industry for over 15 years. I’ve honed my culinary skills in several high-profile restaurants in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, most recently at Bourbon Steak at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown and at the Green Pig Bistro in Arlington.

Although I have previously focused on preparing French and American cuisine, I started Criosho to focus on the tastes and flavors of my hometown in Northern Argentina, as well as other parts of South America. My goal is to bring you the flavors I grew up with: quality, grilled meat, freshly baked bread, and accompaniments that bring forth the simple goodness of fresh vegetables.
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My parents and grandparents served as great influences in my cooking. Their ideas and homemade flavors, combined with the culinary techniques I have learned, create a unique opportunity to showcase foods from Northern Argentina and other parts of South America. The flavors of Northern Argentina include influences from both European and Andean cuisines.

Family gatherings center around the asado – an outdoor charcoal grill that is a common feature of Argentine homes. Quality meat, simply salted and cooked over an open flame is often the food shared among family and friends. While meat is often the centerpiece of our meals, the charred flavors of roasted vegetables also hearken back to the asado.

I chose the name Criosho (krē ō shō) based on the Spanish word criollo, which refers to local or homemade food. In essence, it means food made with care and love at home, using local ingredients.
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