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Showcasing the savory flavors of Argentina’s food scene, Criosho blends authentic open-fire grilling with a modern preparation for every catering event. Our carefully seasoned meats are cooked over an open flame. The mouthwatering taste of Argentinian grilling will linger long after your meal.

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Criosho’s catering menu features high-quality meat and vegetables, wood-fired cooking, freshly baked bread, and an assortment of homemade sauces and pickled vegetables that are unique to northern Argentina.

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Good company deserves good food. Criosho has the experience and the flavors to make your special event memorable. Contact us today and plan a culinary experience your guests will remember for years to come.

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Chef Matias Gimenez translates the traditional Argentinian cuisine of his youth into modern meals that will transport you to South America – no passport required.

we love our customers, and they love our OPEN-FLAME Kitchen Experience.

Here are some of the kind words we have received from our loyal customers.

Criosho is an excellent catering company service, the food is awesome and all crew are pretty nice. They gave a really good service on my Festival! Thank you guys.

We used Los Crioshos by recommendation from a friend for my Mom’s birthday. Mateo and Nicholas prepared a delicious array of dishes that all of our meat-eating, vegetarian, and vegan friends loved. Their asado was definitely a highlight in an already magical evening.

Matías and his team were very professional. The food was excellent! The choice of the meat cuts and the salads were very fresh! If you are thinking of having a very tasty Argentinian barbecue, he is the person!!! I would give him a 100 stars

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Read Criosho’s blog to learn more about Argentinian cuisine and Argentina’s vibrant food culture.

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We love Choripán and you should too. This simple yet full-of-flavor sandwich will help you win any summer backyard barbeque challenge. It will delight your guests and make them camp out next to your grill all day once they have had a taste.