An authentic argentinian open-fire cooking experience.

Criosho’s fast-casual concept showcases the traditional foods of Argentina and a wide range of South American flavors. From charred beef to savory grilled vegetables, homemade bread, and zesty chimichurri sauce, every bite will transport you to the land of gauchos south of the border.

a tapestry of flavors

Our founder and chef Matias Gimenez grew up in his family’s kitchen, cooking alongside his parents and grandparents in Salta, Argentina. His family recipes feature the influence of Spanish, French, and Andean cultures. His immersion in this intersection of flavors has influenced his open-fire culinary style and perspective on Argentine cuisine.

Experience the taste of the andes.

Salta is a historical Spanish colonial city in Northern Argentina. Salta’s culinary tradition is a mixture of flavors that combine different cultures –Andean, European, and Middle Eastern – which converged in Argentina, a home to many immigrants from around the world. This diverse environment gives rise to a wide variety of ingredients and cooking techniques that create nourishing and flavorful dishes.

chef matias's vision

“I am lucky that my family gave me a solid foundation in Argentina’s cuisine. I built on what I was taught and am excited to bring my interpretation of open fire cooking techniques along with the foods I grew up with to my neighbors in the DC area. Join us to experience a taste of my home.”