Matias's Story

Chef Matias Gimenez grew up in Salta, Argentina, a historic Spanish colonial city in the Northern part of the country.  Matias’s parents and grandparents were great influences in his cooking, introducing him to Spanish, French, and Andean dishes.  The culinary traditions of those living in the Andes focus on potatoes, maize, meat, as well as soups and stews, which often include local spices and hot peppers.  Living at this intersection of flavors has offered him a unique perspective on Argentine cuisine. 

Matias started Criosho after honing his skills for over 15 years in several restaurants in the D.C. area.  He wanted to focus on the tastes and flavors of Argentina, as well as other parts of South America.   Matias’s goal is to take you on a culinary tour of different regions of Argentina, offering an authentic experience of its many cuisines.

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